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Lyrics written by Joe Scarpellino


I took a walk down by the stream and saw an angel there

surprising though she had no wings, no halo above her head

she motioned to me I stood still as stone, in-and-out quickly is how I breathe

I’m free beneath her gaze how those blue eyes shown, I asked her if she’d keep me company


well you know what I know we both know it’s true

maybe I’ve gone crazy for you baby

there you are

I’ve been waiting for you

Come inside take off your coat and stay a little while

you come with me, I’ll follow you, she said boy I like your style

on hips, soft lips, touch taste poisonous love under the lamp light

feeling so good could be dangerous, keeping me up all night


I should start making the rounds. It’s time to say goodbye

The days we’ve shared have been, have been, the best of my life

But this can’t go on forever, and you know this to be so

and I’ll miss you more than you could, more than you could ever know


So baby I am running, cause I told you I wouldn’t take long

and maybe I am running away, but to a place where I belong

Cause I got to dive in deeper, start making bigger waves

the best day to start anything will always be today

So I’m gonna leave this city, and I don’t plan to return

No there is a great big world to see and a lifetime to learn


well my bags are packed and ready, my ducks are all in a row

But timing is everything and it’s okay to take it slow

one foot in front of the other just make it out the door

but I’m not going it alone, no we’re all in it together, what more could I ask for?




There are no walls surrounding me

in this moment I am free

we have arrived

if only in our minds

the place I’ve always dreamed

Now whether it’s a short walk or a two day drive we are driven by our will to survive

I wonder, will they remember me? Is there enough room to grow my seed?

Spending half my whole life in drive I forget on occasion to enjoy the ride

But now I know it doesn’t matter where I’m going, as long as I’m happy and it’s showing

But I find it’s easy to forget, the hustle and the bustle just breed contempt

So finding myself among the trees puts my worried mind at ease

and if we keep looking we’re never gonna find what we already have inside


Now, I have been told I might to die today, but it’s hard to live your whole life that way

It’s hard to realize you’re not the first, you’re not the best, and you’re not the worst

It’s all part of relativity, of a world-wide human family tree, oh

We all come from the same place, and we all run in the same race

and I know the Earth it will be fine, but if we keep closing every eye

than what we hold so dear, it will disappear,

and if we keep fighting we’ll never realize that our true home is outside



I can hear just what you’d say, 

“Baby, you know that I love you

I’m right by your side, I won’t ever stray” 

But you had to go, and I have to stay

(pre-chorus > chorus)

Don’t tell me everything will be alright

Don’t tell me everything will be alright

Rest your weary head upon my shoulder

Don’t be afraid, it’s almost over

We did it, babe, we made it home

I’ll hold you close, you’ll never be alone

Her shadow is sheltered within me

Together we flow downstream

Slowly I’ve been sifting through

The life that I once had with you

(pre-chorus > chorus)


I want you to feel me. I want to wrap myself up in you.

(chorus) But we are so close, when we are so close x2

I have it all under control. I feel it, nothing I can do.


I am more than a sacrifice 

paying more than the price

wanting more than a kiss goodnight

needing more love without a fight X2

I will be waiting here for you. ‘cause I don’t know what else I can do



(verse 1 and 2)

There are means no ends can justify. How long can we close our eyes?

Yes, we’re being taken for a ride. The enemy is on either side

and they are slowly closing in. 

I know we could (should) fight, but do you think we could win?


I need to take a step away, I want my mind to be clear

Fly to a place so far away no one will find me here, 2, 3, 4!


Just stay strong keep moving on, you will find where you belong

And it can take a big mistake to find you were right all along

It will can (will) make you cry, and you may feel it’ll never be alright

But I can testify that nothing lasts forever just take your time

take your time, and put down that axe you have to grind

step outside and realize, it’s all in your mind


There’s a young man that I know. Who loves to plant the seeds 

and watch them ‘til they grow. He tends them til they know, ya know?

And this young man has a friend Who stands right beside him

to love him and guide him, delighted to go where he goes

But his friend got very sick, and no magic or medicine

would do the trick, she spending her whole life waiting

And this young man had to go, but only for the weekend

be back before you know, she said “each moment means everything”


The girl looked him up and she looked him down

she said “you can’t get under, you can’t get over, you can’t get around”

the girl looked him up and down and said “there’s no way around

but I know there’s nothing to it, you just have to get through it”


Have to get through it, am I getting through to you? 

I know your going through it too, I said

You have to get through it, and it’s alright

Yes it’s alright

This young man has a dream, to make a living art

to be a bigger part of this world that he thinks needs saving

but his friend is stuck in bed, with florescent lights

burning so bright, but won’t satisfy her craving

he stays right by her side through doctors and nurses,

harsh words and curses, choosing to live this life

she’s strong and she fights, for her heart to keep pumping

to breathe the air again, she said “each breath means everything”



He watches months go by, new faces new voices

got nothing but choices, and music to drive it all

and all she can do is try, to take all of her medicine

make changes to survive, life’s a balancing act

don’t let it fall

He’s loneliest and night, when the bar is closing

and everyone goes home, he thinks of her face and sighs

she wonders if it’s right, that she has to suffer

and watch the world go by, she thinks of his face and starts to cry





It’s nice to find a place that’s out of the rain

and every time I go I wish to be back there again

where we all beat on our drums, yes we all let our voices ring

on this late and rainy night life is worth enjoying

(pre chorus)

it’s this moment with you, you holding me close, oh, so close to it

It’s you I’m feeling, you’re feeling, we’re feeling the pulse

I can see in your eyes, oh, straight back into your brain

I watch your body in motion as I lay it down plain


Oh if we think it over than we could surely over think it

Let’s create and love, we’re goin up, goin up, goin up, goin up x2

It’s nice to find a spot to soak in the sun
I close my eyes into my mind bringing me the one

while my mind is moving fast, well my feet they been moving slow

I keep my cool, keep my cool, keep my cool, and glow

(pre chorus)


(pre chorus)


It’s nice to find a place that’s out of the rain

and every time I go I wish to be back there again

where we all beat on our drums, yes we all let our voices ring

on this late and rainy night life is worth enjoying


I’ve been waking up early, and I’ve been staying up late

Just listening to the music, and accepting my fate

See I’ve been taking it slowly, I want to make it last

But things have a way of going, way way too fast

(chorus) But in a galaxy of mystery, nothing but stars ahead me

I’ll find a place where we’ll be free

and I’m sailing on, I’m sailing on

I’m laying with my eyes open, but in a darkness complete

not one word is spoken, but my heart still beats

I’m finding strength in the sadness, and wisdom thorugh the pain

Do you choose love or madness, cause this will happen again and again


Well the road only goes as far as you will take it

And the Lord only knows how far we could go

So I’m setting sail again, I put my back against the wind

I’m sailing on, I’m sailing on


It was 5 years when I woke up this morning and I don’t feel how I felt before

No I’ve given my love to another and these tears they aren’t sad anymore


and I get this feeling that’s, well, it’s kinda strange. 

This beautiful feeling that everything is going to go my way

It’s been 5 years since I moved to Minnesota, and there’s no place that I’d rather be

In the cold and the dark where you won my heart and we started our own family


Maybe in 5 years we will have a daughter, or maybe we will have a son

All that I know is that there’s room to grow, our adventure it has just begun


And when 5 years they turn into 20, we’ll look back on it now and then

We won’t regret a moment, and we’d do it all again

So I guess this feeling, it’s here to stay

this beautiful feeling that everything will go my way


My heart is open, but my heart’s been broken

It seems it’s time, it’s time for a change

So I try to look handsome, give a smile and then some

But my eyes, are what pull you in


‘cause in the end the only thing that means anything

is love, love, love, so let’s make enough, enough, enough

love, to go, around

Your face gives me comfort, and we all need that comfort

Someone to keep us warm when it’s cold outside

My secret treasure with worth beyond measure

Is you, you know, darling it’s you


Maybe it’s better to not think of forever

‘cause right now is all we’ll ever have

So let’s make it a good one, we all deserve to have some fun

and be happy with just being happy.

(chorus + tag)


Well, there’s a big ol’ house on a little hill, with a big oak tree and a windowsill

where flowers grew, I hear they still do

And on the porch there’s a rocking chair where grandma used to sit and stare

drinking cold iced tea in her underwear


I’ll be home for the summer, and I’ll be leaving in the fall

There’s not much left to say, run away train

and so all ends begin, God help us all

Well, when I was but 17 my wits were sharp and my piss was clean

thought only of tomorrow and took what I could borrow

So I set sail bearing due West with a folded map to a treasure chest

and we were pirates, we were pirates (ARRR-oohhh)


Everyone knows “X marks the spot” but an empty dusty chest we got

they beat us to our treasure, our golden jeweled pleasure (arrr-ohhh)

now what are we to do? We pirates have turned into

a heap of sobbing men, just setting sail for home again


Well now I’ve grown so grey and old, sittin’ on my porch no thought of gold

but vividly I remember, the time we spent together

and though those days are far away, I still feel the ocean spray

In my mind forever, we’re off on an adventure

(chorus + tag)

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